This Week In Lacrosse 2008 Episode 1

Well here it is; the 1st ever LITG “This Week In Lacrosse” video segment. I must admit it took a few takes, and a few edits, but for the first shot, I think it went all right.  I never realized how difficult it would be to sit and talk by yourself.   But it will be a work in progress, and it is a start.  I’m just glad the camera only added 10 pounds, or did it!

[livevideo id=4A87FC8BA74145D99481EABC41CA3760]



  1. Great new addition Marksy, I think it will be a popular segment. Perhaps you can try and get yourself lit from the front for your next segment.


  2. Hey Coach,

    Thanks for the comments, but I was always told I had the face for radio 🙂 I did not want to scare everyone off on the first segment.

    Actually, it was quite a while getting this first one done, Thank god for retakes and edits.

    Anyway, next week I’ll show a little more light on faces that are in the segment!

  3. Great job Marksy! I really enjoyed the segment.

  4. Awesome Gary!

  5. Good job Marksy!

  6. It looks great Marksy!!! I can see this really taking off; maybe even an offer for yourself on the big screen!!!! You are a natural! Well done with all of it!!

  7. What a great addition to your website! Great job!

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