Rochester Looking To Remain Atop The NLL.

Rochester KnighthawksAsk any fan around the league who they would most like their team to beat, and I would guess the number one answer would likely be the Rochester Knighthawks. Not only are the K-Hawks the defending Champions, but they are a perrenial powerhouse team, top to bottom.

With all world players like John Grant Jr., Sean Williams, Scott and Shawn Evans, it is hard to stop them on the offensive side of the ball. Throw in some very physical defenders like Regy Thorpe and Scott Ditzell.  Add transition players like Steve Toll, and the solid goaltending of Pat O’Toole and you’d be hard pressed to find any weaknesses on this team.

Not only did Rochester win the Champions Cup in 2007, they did in in style.  Recording their 15th straight win after starting the season 2-2, they will take that streak into 2008 when they open up against their close rivals the Buffalo Bandits. 

I had the chance to speak with the man behind the bench each night; Head Coach Ed Comeau about the teams successes and a look ahead to 2008..

Ed Comeau
GM: Rochester had another very successful season in 2007, ending with their 2nd Champions Cup. How do you keep the team focused going into the 2008 season?

EC: We are a veteran team and have players that have won many championships recently, including World Championships, Minto and Mann Cups. We will continue to focus on our team and rely on the veteran leadership to keep us going in the right direction.

GM: You’ve had a chance to see a few workouts now, how have you felt about how things look?

EC: It’s still early but we like many of our picks and free agents. We have a couple of scrimmages lined up where we will get a chance to look at some guys.

GM: Your picks in the 2007 draft included Matt McLeod, Andrew Potter, Lucas Miller, Cody Richardson, and Chad Amidon. How have these players and others looked in camp so far?

EC: We also picked up Jack Reid and Matt Lyons in the dispersal draft. We like what we have seen so far. Although these are young players they have played in good lacrosse regions and do not look out of place at our camp.

GM: The team traded Mike Accursi in July, who has been one of the offensive leaders of this team for the past few years. Are you hoping for someone to step in to the role Mike filled?

EC: Definitely. Mike was an important part of our team and we expect Shawn Evans and Stephen Hoar to increase their roles on offense.

GM: Do you feel as though the Knighthawks have become a “big game” for many teams in the league given your continued success?

EC: I would agree that Rochester has always been a big game since they have been in the league. The consistency that they have shown over the years means that no one takes the Knighthawks lightly.

GM: What can the Knighthawks fans expect from the team in 2008?

EC: We want to continue to be an exciting team that can go from defense to offense very quickly. We will continue to count on a physical defense and excellent goaltending.

GM: Ed, thank you and good luck in the 2008 season.

EC: Thank You.


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