Wanna Have Some Fun With NLL Lacrosse?

I must admit that maybe not everyone is as fanatical about lacrosse as some others are.  But the NLL last season brought out a fun pool to endorse their game and I have to admit, I participated in it and it was great fun.  Best of all it was free to play.

I’m talking about the NLL Fantasy Pool.  Like NHL, NFL, and MLB fantasy pools you draft players at positions and get points for goals, assists, saves, etc.  I faired “o.k.” in my first season but this year I feel I’m primed for a breakout season 🙂

We’ve already got a local group of friends and their kids together and we are eagerly awaiting the launch of the 2008 NLL Fantasy Season.  By all accounts the NLL says it will begin registering on December 1st, less than a month from now.  I may post comments on here on how our season is going and have folks write in on how theirs is going.  Of course, if I am doing really well, you may hear quite a bit from me…..

So get in on the action, and follow your favourite NLL players, teams and goalies.  For more information, go check out the fantasy pages on December 1st at www.nll.com


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