So Is It Possible? Was It Me? Was I The One?

I heard grumblings yesterday afternoon that there was potentially an 11th hour deal being worked on that would bring us a 2008 NLL season.  Judging by who I was talking to, I considered it a “for sure”, as this person if anyone would know.  Sure enough yesterday in the late afternoon sometime it was confirmed (at least that is when I saw it official), that the NLL and its players association had a new 7 year deal.  This means now that we do not have to worry about interruptions to the professional edition of our game until after the 2014 season.

So that got me to thinking.  Given the nation wide popularity of our site, was it something that I wrote up?  Did someone or a few see my suggestions and actually act upon it?  Is it conceivable that G Mark (Esquire) actually saved the NLL season and lacrosse for our people by stating the obvious on a web site? ……..No I don’t think so either.

 But whatever it was, whoever it was, I guess collectively we can all appreciate that the two sides saw too much at stake, and were able to work out a deal.  Let the games begin!



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