It’s Just Another Day Without Lacrosse….

Well it’s been a few weeks since my last post……all right over a month since my last post. But there’s been a lot going on with me. My family and I have sold our house, bought a new house and gone through all the rigors and frustrations that come along with that fun. We don’t move until December 3rd, but it’s been a crazy few weeks. (Side note: I do not know that there is anything more frustrating than a request to view your home when it is for sale……and they do not show up).

Anyway, back to lacrosse, or lack of it. With the announcement the other day that the National Lacrosse League and its players association could not come to an agreement, the NLL essentially cancelled their 2008 season.

Now it is not for me to take sides on this, as I do not have any of the details of what was being sought by the players, or the NLL in their latest contract talks. I guess I only have this to say. It is a crying shame that these two sides could not come to an agreement, given the continent wide growth of lacrosse in the last few seasons. The sponsorship dollars, the business involvement, the over 16000 fans that attend games across Canada and the United States on a weekly basis…….gone! And possibly forever.

It took a lot of hard work and money to get the game to where it is today, with folks just like me actually awaiting the start of the season anxiously. And now we will wait and wait and ultimately be told that there is no season. The sad reality of it all is that those folks like me will find other things to do, find other events of interest and will miss lacrosse for a bit but will get over it. And when that happens, the NLL and its players will be back to square one if and when they ever decide to work out a deal.

Gentleman on both sides of the equation; I really want to offer some advice. This game is all about the money. Both of you can talk about the love of the game, the competitiveness of the league, blah, blah, puke! It’s all about the green. Instead of arguing about the money you may or may not win / lose in a new collective agreement, think about the money lost to both sides with no season being played.

Now where did I put those old VHS tapes of Magnum P.I.?


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  1. No lacrosse??

    The Durham Knights 7v7 field league is coming to their final weekend this Sunday at Cullen Park in Whitby and the Ontario U19 provincials are this weekend in Missy at the Hersey Centre. As well the Sr. Mens field season finals are this weekend in Missy.
    Once all this happens, the only thing left in the field will be pick-up games and then the venerable 3rd Annual Laxers Levee New Years Day in Oshawa.

    But the Durham Masters winter season is ramping up at a new location in Ajax.

    So there is still lots of lax if you are looking… 🙂

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