Week 1 of the LITG Co-Ed League A Great One…

Last night we kicked off our first ever LITG Co-Ed lacrosse league, playing Masters Rules and the night went off better than I could have expected.  The weather was great, although a little hot and sticky, and 3 of the 4 games on the night ended in one goal differences.  I had the chance to speak to a few folks afterwards and I heard pretty positive things from everyone.

I have to say that every team appeared to be having a good time which is what I wanted this league to be all about, and I was most impressed by how every group seemed to play well together, utilizing both the men and women on the floor at all times.

We only had one penalty on the night, but it was ok, because the ref (Chris) spoke to Kelly and informed her that that sort of behavior / goon type of play would not be tolerated any longer. We’re pretty sure Kelly got the message and it won’t happen again :). 

Anyways, a great start folks, let’s keep the positive play going as we get further into the season. Remember, it is great to be competitive, and a lot more fun when the attitude can be left out of the game!

Here’s to next Thursday!

For scores and stats, check out the 2007 Schedule Page and the 2007 Stats pages on the right.


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  1. Thanks Gary – it was a lot of fun!

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