Congratulations to Six Nations Arrows / Rebels

Well it is the day after the Minto Cup 2007 Junior “A” final and all I have to say is ….WOW, what a performance that was.  A sincere congratulations has  to go out to the Six Nations Arrows on a completely dominating performance last night in beautiful British Columbia against the Burnaby Lakers.  Building up an 8-1 lead at one point in the game, Burnaby did battle back and at one point made me raise an eyebrow when they cut the lead to 13-7.  But Six Nations scored and scored again putting the game out of reach; the final was 19-8.

This win comes on the heels of the Six Nations Rebels winning the Junior “B” Founders Cup less than a week earlier also in British Columbia.  The Rebels victory was also a dominating one winning 8-2 over Coquitlam in their final.

So this begs the question; is Six Nations really that good of a program to win these two coveted Championships?  You betcha they are, and I think I might know why.

I could start by talking about great goaltending, solid coaching, incredible fan support and these are all true of both teams, just like any Championship team.  But more importantly, it all starts with the desire to be the best.  Somewhere, someone, or a group of people decided that they wanted this program to be the best, and rather than just “hope for the best” they went out and began to put the pieces in place to be the best. 

Say what you want about bringing in players from other centers, and all the other accusations that are made, this organization wants to win, and they are doing what they can to win.  Is that wrong?  Would you not love for your local team to do everything in their power to be the best out there?  I sure would.

I think the biggest part of these two teams success is the commitment to the game of lacrosse that was made when the year round facility was built.  Now kids in Six Nations have a place to play lacrosse from January to December while many other kids are lacing up skates for eight months of the year.  You cannot tell me that having a facility to practice, play, and simply go shoot balls around for fun, does not have a positive impact on the development of your players. 

So all those other centers out there need to take a look around.  The time has come for us to start taking the game more seriously if we want to compete and win.  We need community and business commitment, we need indoor year round facilities, we need to keep pace.  Because if we don’t, this is just the beginning of what will surely be a dynasty that will leave us all in the Nations dust.   



  1. Nia:wenko:wa for your comments, to us its not just a sport, its our heritage.

  2. Point well taken!Alberta Lacrosse could learn from this…We are desperately in need of some all year lacrosse facilities and we need to lengthen the lacrosse season as well. Many years ago our season went right threw much of the summer but now it is primarily a spring sport at the minor levels. How can our kids develop their stick skills with such a short season? My son loves lacrosse and goes to a school where they have a lacrosse program and has his stick in his hand every day…it really makes a difference!A year round lacrosse facility is desperately needed by our Junior A teams here in Edmonton as well. Near the end of the season it is difficult to find an arena to play the playoffs in.

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