Wow, These Masters Still Have It!

I spent much of this past weekend splitting time between the Inaugural Tuggy Tournament and the 2007 Masters Provincials.  While I will admit (selfishly) I did spend quite a bit more time at the Provincials, I will have an update on the Tuggy Tournament results a little later.

I had to forego my desire to play Masters Lacrosse three or four years ago due to my time constraints coaching my son’s team.  And while I still keep in touch with almost all of the guys I played with, this weekend was really the first time in those last few seasons that I actually went and watched more than a few minutes of one game.  I do have to say, the game has gotten a lot more skilled and much, much faster since I’ve left (I think I just insulted myself there….oh well). But I guess part of that has to do with me and my buddies getting older, while younger, stronger, faster players starting to play this game (notice I didn’t say better looking though). The challenge is still the same though for many individuals and some teams in Junior; to keep playing and see how competitive they can be in Junior knowing they are eligible to now go and play Senior.

In any case both the Junior “A” final and the Senior Final ended up 6-5, with Whitby defeating Welland in the Junior match, while Beaches handed Brampton their first loss in 2 years in the Senior game (in Overtime).  I’ll tell you though, the days where the boys went hard all night and sauntered in still reeling from last night was gone this weekend.  Everyone was here to play.  There was still a whole lot of “camaraderie” in the lounge in between games, and on Saturday night, but this was the Provincials, and the all nighters were almost non-existent. OK, it was only because it was the Provincials, I can’t lie.

Anyway in closing, I applaud all the competitors from this past weekend on a very entertaining bunch of games.  From what I saw, most looked like they had fun and competed hard, but then again, that is what Masters Lacrosse should be all about. And today, the Rub-A535 cannot be stocked fast enough across the Province.

Congrats guys! 



  1. good post Marksy!

    You should be applauded for your efforts keeping us all in the loop over this past summer.

    Keep it up

  2. Thanks for all the score updates throughout the Tuggy tournament it was greatly appreciated. Linda Hurren

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