Terry Lloyd – Lacrosse Hero

Terry LloydIn our latest edition of Lacrosse Heroes we speak with Terry Lloyd. Many that follow lacrosse know Terry for a number of different lacrosse reasons.  First, for those just at this years Lacrosse Festival, Terry is the Peewee Team Ontario Manager.  But Terry also played for the Oshawa Green Gaels, and played pro in Philadelphia in the mid ’70’s. He is well known in Ontario in the Minor Field Lacrosse game and is the driving force behind the Oshawa Blue Knights organization. He also serves on the Executive of the Ontario Lacrosse Association.  One of the nicest guys involved in the game today in so many ways, and he really is one of our best promoters. Enjoy the read.

GM: Describe how and at what age you became involved in lacrosse.

TL: I lived on Eulalie Ave. and the city installed a box at Bathe Park. It only took a couple of days before Ed Kolodzie came around selling sticks for $2. I was about 10 at the time.

GM: Who were some of your early heroes or influences in the game?

TL: Some of my early heroes were obvious to most Oshawa kids at the time; the 1963 – 1969 Gaels, especially my older brother Larry.

GM: You played for the legendary Oshawa Green Gaels organization starting in 1969. Describe that experience and some of your memories of playing there.

TL: Actually I started playing for the Gaels in 1970 after the 7 Minto Cups. My brother being on the team I saw every game and was amazed by all the team members.

GM: Did you ever play for Jim Bishop, and what was he like in the ‘60s / ‘70s?

TL: No, in 1970 Bob Hanna took over the Gaels from Jim. I do know from the experiences Larry had he was very strict but fair.

GM: In 1974 and 1975 you and Larry both played pro lacrosse in Philadelphia, which we’ve got some video footage of. Give us your most vivid memories of playing in Philadelphia.

TL: My most vivid memories playing in Philadelphia was to meet my wife Vi and playing with my brother. All of our careers he was an age group above and I finally had the opportunity to play on the same team. I only played with my brother in Philadelphia where we both had a good couple of years.

GM: Describe how and when you became involved in getting the Oshawa Blue Knights field lacrosse program started.

TL: In 1979 Stan Cockerton, my brother Larry, Ian Barrie and Sandy Lynch started the Sr. Men’s Blue Knights so many players from the Gaels started their field lacrosse days. In 1983 Bill Langley and Terry Rowland took a Peewee team to England to play. The following year we started the Minor Blue Knights. The original cities were only Oshawa, the Beaches and St. Catharine’s. It has been a fun 23 years.

GM: So what do you prefer more to watch or to play, field lacrosse or box lacrosse?

TL: I am going to throw you a curve by saying box outside. Over the years field lacrosse has held a bit of an edge over box.

GM: For the last two seasons now you have been involved with the Team Ontario Peewees as Team Manager. Describe that experience and working with Derek Keenan and his staff if you can.

TL: Working with Derek and other Team Ontario personnel has been a great experience for me. Derek is able to teach the players important skills while making the experience fun. Only having four days of practice together, it is amazing that the players can come together as a team. Seeing the players achieve their goal of a Canadian Championship was very gratifying for me. This year’s team from the players to team staff to parents is the reason why I keep involved in lacrosse.

GM: What do you think of the current game of box and field lacrosse and how they have grown in Canada in the past 10-20 years?

TL: Box – Being old school I don’t like offense – defense. Most teams now play a combination of both. The players of today are unbelievable! All of the strong minor associations are still strong but beware the new centres are creeping up. My only pet peeve being an offensive player is the size of the goalie equipment. In minor something has to be done about it.
Field – World Champions for the second time in 30 years. That alone will make the game flourish. Hopefully the U19 Team will continue the trend.

GM: You were recently (deservingly) entered into the Oshawa Sports Hall of Fame. Describe that honour.

TL: I was really surprised when the Committee called and told me. I am very grateful of the acknowledgement because so many people from family, friends, players, coaches, therapists, parents, volunteers and even bingo players helped me to achieve the honour.

GM: You also recently assumed an Executive Role with Ontario Lacrosse. How did that come about and what are your duties.

TL: The previous Field Director left the position due to personal reasons. The Ontario Lacrosse Association asked me to take over the position until the OLA Annual General Meeting. My duties are to oversee Field Lacrosse in Ontario with a lot of help from many volunteers.

Fun Questions

GM: If you could go back and play another game, would you choose Field or Box Lacrosse and at which venue?

TL: I would play box in one of these three arenas Children’s Arena in Oshawa, the old Whitby Arena and the old arena in downtown Peterborough.

GM: What is the one thing you feel lacrosse has done for you, that you otherwise might not have done?

TL: The one thing that lacrosse has done for me is to let me meet people from around the world who are just a passionate about lacrosse as I am.

GM: Who is the best you ever played with, played against, or saw play (can be a few answers)?

TL: Played with – Larry Lloyd – Playing with my brother made me elevate my game.
Played against and saw – Jim Higgs – He could do it all on the lacrosse surface.

GM: You were known as a sniper that could put the ball in the net. What goalie did you not want to face when you were shooting?

TL: The best goalie I played against was Merv Marshall. He was quick and very athletic. Merv didn’t need all the equipment some goalies use today.

GM: When people mention Terry Lloyd, what is the one word or phrase you would hope they would say that describes you?

TL: I hope when people mention my name they say I was a promoter of the game.

GM: Terry, thanks for doing this for us

TL: Thanks Gary for the opportunity



  1. Let me be the first here to submit my thanks to Mr. Lloyd for a job extremely well done in managing this year’s PeeWee TEAM ONTARIO. All parents would agree that the level of organization and committment shown by Terry and the entire staff was exemplary and unsurpassable.

    My unending thanks to you, Terry.

    And a quick thank you also to Marksy for an interesting profile and interview with LITG’s latest “Lacrosse Hero”. Well done!


  2. man that was a blast from the past. i was a wings fan back in the old days when the lloyds, grant sr, wasson & collins were a hoot to watch. i knew a little bit about box from an old sports illustrated article that talked about the game along the cdn/ny border. i dragged my dad by the collar to watch them and let me tell you, it was surpassed all my expectations and i became the lax freak that i am today because of guys like terry.

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