A Close To The 2007 Nationals

I thought of a couple of ways to close off this years Peewee /Bantam National Championships of Canada.  In the end, I guess I will say that it was a true pleasure to have witnessed such great lacrosse, but more importantly, such great respect for one another and the game we all cherish.  Every Province should be so very proud of the way their young men and ladies presented themselves on and off of the lacrosse floor.

The photo to the above right was taken at the Bantam medal ceremony, where a few members of Teams Alberta began the trade of items with Team Iroquois. Shortly after this picture was taken, members of Team British Columbia joined in and began to swap as well. Before you knew it, the whole floor and off floor was flooded with players discussing trades. True sportsmanship, and for a moment I had a little feeling of deja vu, standing on the fairgrounds of the Pacific National Exhibition in 1980, trading a jersey with a Peewee member of the Port Coquitlam Adanacs (hello Geoff Aunger if you are out there).  If you’re wondering I still do have it, but it doesn’t exactly fit anymore (it must have shrunk).

Folks, this is what theses games are all about, and as one poster suggested, we may all have differing opinions of what this tournament could be, and should be, but this right here is what we should all be hoping the kids get out of it.

So in closing, and to give you a chance to read a little blurb, while you have a look at a bunch of the medal ceremony pictures, I’ve designed my own version of the Letterman Top 10. These are my top 10 I’d like to thank for the past 7 days of Nationals:

10. The lady at our local Starbucks (not a really huge Tim’s fan), who got to know me more as the week went on and the sleepier I became.

9. The great Staff at Iroquois Park Arena for helping me be comfortable in my little perch on Pad 1. Man it was hot and humid, and that fan saved me.

8. A huge selection of members of Ontario Lacrosse, too many to name, but I have to shout out to Charlie Simpson and Jim Bell specifically, who I bothered more than anyone getting score updates while watching other games.

7.  The Staff at the Sports Garden Cafe, which became my mid meal of the day. OK, so they knew me already way too well, but were very kind to me considering how much I was in there.

6.  Ron McSpadyen who is the organizer of this entire event here in Ontario. Each year it seems to get bigger and better and this year continued that trend.

5. The fans from each Province that were able to make it to Whitby for the games. You all showed your Provincial pride and encouraged your teams to do their best with your cheers and chants. I love that BC song that was being sung by the crowd, and it took me a bit, but I did eventually get the loud chant, of NB, NB, NB. Also, I will need to explain to folks when I walk around yelling “Al Who?” or “Team O”. Lastly, I never thought that the “Marco Polo” water game fit so well with “Nova Scotia”.

4. Whomever is responsible for this tournament coming back to Whitby every year (might be a duplicate of # 6, not sure). Keep doing it though, I’m feeling very spoiled and liking it thank you very much.

3.  To the countless fans of the game across our great country that sent me direct emails, and posting such positive comments on the site, letting me know that there were people out there actually looking at what I was doing. It made it a lot easier knowing people were waiting to see results.

2. My most understanding and darling wife and children, who really do understand daddy’s addiction to the sport of lacrosse. I mean, heck I took a week’s vacation right when my sweetheart was in the stretch of working 12 out of 14 days in a row. My oldest son for being old enough to understand what I was trying to do, and help me with a lot of it. Just a side note: I was taking my wife to work this morning at 5:30 am (yes, no typo there), and told her of my top 10 idea; she asked why she was not #1. When I explained to her who was she understood.

1. To all of the Peewee and Bantam kids in all of the Provinces, as well as all of the kids participating in the Tyke, Novice and Peewee Ontario Provincial Championships. You are there to have fun and simply play a game. Even though we as adults do not always understand it is just a game, you do. And the entertainment value that you kids give us old folks is truly worth any price someone would ask. I just hope we adults can understand that the more we watch you play and simply cheer you on, the better this game can always become.  Give us some time; we’re getting it!


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  1. Thanks for the coverage…I enjoyed it. As for your #1 in the top 10….you hit the nail on the head…well said.

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