Yeah, You Just Wish You Could Play Like A Girl!

In 2006 Ontario Lacrosse introduced a “Pilot Project” of girls playing indoor box lacrosse. For years and years, the boys and young men dominated the numbers playing our National sport with only a select few girls here and there scattered amongst hundreds of teams. As the numnbers began to increase it became apparent to some that maybe, just maybe a league for “girls only” could one day become a reality. Well it became a reality last year.

In 2007 it became an even greater reality with increased numbers, increased teams and a new found following of parents, grandparents, and the girls themselves.

Today I was able to catch the Provincial Finals for the Peewee, Bantam, Midget and Intermediates and have to say, that I was amazed at the fierce competitiveness of these young girls and young ladies. Of the four Championship games played, three of them went into Overtime to decide the best team in Ontario for their particular division.

I watched most of all four games, sacraficing seeing what I came to see (some of the boys Peewee / Bantam Nationals) because, to be completely honest, I couldn’t leave! Understandably, the skill level is not (yet) that of the boys game, but let’s put it into perspective. Many of the girls are new to the game, or were just last year.  Of those that have played, many I’m sure have just come from field lacrosse, a totally different game with a tennis racket for a stick (no disrespect intended but I’ll never figure out how they catch with that thing). But what I saw on the floor tonight was a passion for the game. That passion looked the same in a 12 year old girls eye as it was in a 19 year old young lady’s eye. These kids came to play, and they really did.

I guess in closing I really want to congratulate all of the teams that competed this week, and I’m certain that the girls game is still only just beginning. I see a potential there for girls lacrosse that could very well rival the numbers that we currently see in the boys game.

And boys, I do have to say, the next time you tell someone that they “shoot like a girl”, stop and think before you speak, because after watching some games today, you may have just complimented someone!



  1. I’m loving your site, my dad randomly found it, and when I walked in the door today he knew the scores of all our games haha I was so confused. He was looking for them on unofficial ola, and found your site.
    I guess you saw my game then, the Midget Championships we won =) two years in a row! Hopefully we’ll win intermediate this year.
    Thanks for recognizing the sport! I was really sad that it wasn’t picking up so much in 2006, but last year was awesome, and it’s grown a lot this year as well! Its growing really fast.

  2. great job on all the score’s Marksie..

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