Some Day 3 Peewee Video From Nationals

With the Bantams having the day off today it was all Peewee action down at Iroquois Park Arena.  I decided rather than take a few pictures to actually get some live video for those following this across the country to see and hopefully feel a little closer to the action.  The only problem is that I have to upload this to Youtube (which means compressing files, and losing some quality).  Therefore, I hope you can get a feel for the game.  My apologies to Nova Scotia and Manitoba fans as I was a little lazy this morning getting down to the arena and missed the first game of the day.  Nova Scotia did however win it 8-5.

The first video was of game 2 between Team Iroquois (In Black) and Team Quebec (in White).  Iroquois won the spirited contest 13-5 but Quebec played hard right to the end.  Below is roughly 5-6 minutes of action:

The next game featured Team British Columbia (In Blue) vs. Team New Brunswick (in Black).  I have the final score as 11-2, but I’m not sure if it was exactly that or not.  Team B.C. wowed me today.  You will see that in the first 5 minutes of the game they come out flying.  Having said that, Team New Brunswick is also not one of those teams to just lie down.  They fought hard right to the end.  I must apologize to New Brunswick fans as my plan was to only get 5-6 minutes of each game today.  Of course, right after I stopped taping, Team New Brunswick scored.

Next up was Alberta (in Blue) vs. Manitoba (in Black).  This was Manitoba’s second game having played the first one this morning.  They seemed a little tired while Alberta came out looking quick and scoring some nice goals.    The final ended up 18-3 Alberta.  Here are some snippets of action:

The last game of video is from the early portions of the Ontario (in Black-Red) vs. Saskatchewan (in Black-Green) game.  The final ended 20-0 for Ontario. 

The game of the tournament as far as Peewee is concerned goes tonight at 8:00 Eastern when the two undefeated teams from British Columbia and Ontario face-off against one another.  I’ll be there with the camera, with the camcorder (not just getting snippets either), and with regular updates.  Check the site as I will be sure to update the score regularly to keep everyone informed.


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  1. Bantam Alberta 3 – Bantam B.C 2

    Seems the Alberta underdogs are rising to the occasion again.

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