Thanks For The Positive Comments, But If You Want To Help Us

I cannot tell you how many folks across the country have emailed us, and personally approached us at the arenas, thanking us for all of the efforts so far in reporting the scores and posting information about the Festival of Lacrosse.  We know our service is appreciated as eveidenced by the over 8000 visits in the last two days alone.

We really do appreciate the kind words and to be honest we’re having an absolute blast doing it, and seeing some great lacrosse at the same time.

We’d like to ask though for all that are appreciative of what we are doing, to support the site in one of a number of ways. We do sell Wristbands for a buck. We also have T-Shirts, with a couple of designs on them ($15 for youth and $20 for Adult Sizes). To see the current designs, please click on the “LITG Stuff” link at the top of this page.  Please do not interpret this as a sales pitch as we will continue to do what we are doing, because we enjoy it. However, there are beginning to be costs associated with doing this, and all proceeds from all sales of the T-Shirts/Wristbands go back into the site to promote the game, as well as have giveaways and (soon) contests that the kids can win prizes.

Also, this is not just an Ontario thing, or even a Whitby thing. We wanted this to become Canada wide, and even North American wide. So please, all of you out there in the other provinces as well as here in Ontario, get involved with this site, and help us grow it.

For more information on anything here on the site or to discuss T-Shirts, etc. email me at (gmark at, or B at (trickydog at


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