Peewee / Bantam Nationals Scores

Below is the complete Peewee and Bantam Schedules for the 2007 Nationals from Whitby, Ontario. Please check back often by clicking the “2007 Nationals” under the Categories section on the right of this page. I will be updating scores as soon as I have them.







Aug 6th Alberta 21 Quebec 0
Nova Scotia 7 Saskatchewan 6
Ontario 21 New Brunswick 1
Manitoba 2 Iroquois 12
Quebec 2 British Columbia 16
New Brunswick 5 Nova Scotia 3
Manitoba 6 Saskatchewan 10
Ontario 10 Alberta 1
Iroquois 2 British Columbia 8
Aug 7th Quebec 3 Saskatchewan 4
Nova Scotia 5 British Columbia 14
Ontario 23 Manitoba 1
Iroquois 8 New Brunswick 1
Alberta 16 Nova Scotia 0
Saskatchewan 0 British Columbia 7
Manitoba 9 Quebec 5
New Brunswick 2 Alberta 11
Ontario 7 Iroquois 3
Aug 8th Nova Scotia 8 Manitoba 5
Quebec 3 Iroquois 13
New Brunswick 2 British Columbia 11
Manitoba 3 Alberta 18
Saskatchewan 0 Ontario 20
Nova Scotia 6 Quebec 1
Iroquois 1 Alberta 6
New Brunswick (2OT) 7 Saskatchewan 6
Ontario  10 British Columbia 2
Aug 9th Nova Scotia 0 Ontario 27
Saskatchewan 0 Iroquois 6
British Columbia 6 Alberta 5
New Brunswick 5 Manitoba 1
Ontario 20 Quebec 1
Nova Scotia 1 Iroquois 11
Saskatchewan 1 Alberta 12
Quebec 5 New Brunswick 6
British Columbia 13 Manitoba 3
Aug 10th Nova Scotia            6   Saskatchewan       3
British Columbia      8   Alberta 3
B Bronze Manitoba               7 Saskatchewan 6
B Gold New Brunswick       7 Nova Scotia 5
A Bronze Iroquois                 4 Alberta 5
A Gold Ontario                  6 British Columbia 2



Aug 6th Ontario 18 Nova Scotia 1
British Columbia 16 Manitoba 1
Iroquois 6 Alberta 7
Manitoba 9 Saskatchewan 16
  Ontario (2OT) 5 Iroquois 4
Nova Scotia 5 Alberta 16
British Columbia 10 Saskatchewan 2
Aug 7th Nova Scotia 0 Iroquois 14
Saskatchewan 0 Alberta 16
Ontario 5 British Columbia 2
Saskatchewan 5 Iroquois 15
Manitoba 1 Alberta 12
Nova Scotia 2 British Columbia 10
Ontario 30 Manitoba 2
Aug 8th DAY OFF
Aug 9th Saskatchewan 8 Nova Scotia 7
Manitoba 0 Iroquois 22
Alberta 3 British Columbia 2
Saskatchewan 2 Ontario 29
Nova Scotia 9 Manitoba 7
Iroquois 9 British Columbia 1
Ontario 10 Alberta 4
Aug 10th Alberta                  0      Iroquois 9
Nova Scotia           9      Manitoba 6
Aug 11th
B Gold Saskatchewan                        Nova Scotia
A Bronze British Columbia 8 Alberta 4
A Gold Ontario                 5 Iroquois 7


  1. Someone should take the team Ontario coaches into a back room and have a talk with them. Give me one good reason for beating a team 30 – 2? Don’t give me the crap about “goal average” because if you win every game you will end up in the gold-silver game. The Ontario Lacrosse Coaches Association should have a hearing with them about their ethics and philosophy.

  2. Hey Freys, lighten up! If you have ever played competitive sports, you would know that you always play to the best of your ability. The last thing you want to do, especially in a short tournament where the competition level changes so drastically from game to game, is shy away from your game game plan and pick up bad habits or lose your edge. I would think that the other team(s) would be more upset and embarrassed if they “took it easy” on them as you are requesting. They at least didn’t use any specialty teams during the game, so let it go.

  3. It’s the nature of these competitions to have a percentage of the games being blowout scores. As was already said, you can’t and shouldn’t have your players start ‘goofing around’ or playing down to the competition.

  4. and another 29 – 2? Tell the Ontario Bantam and Peewee coaches to give their heads a shake! These are not minature professional athletes we are taking about…they are kids having fun at a tournament. They have probably got the Peewees playing O/D as well. Great way to learn how to play lacrosse!

  5. I just checked to see how many games there were played in Bantam with more than a 12 goal spread and of the 18 game played so far, 9 have scores with more than a 12 goal difference. The percentage is 50%. What kind of a tournament is that? You can’t call that a national tournament! More fun for the kids if the stong teams were in one group and played each other and the weaker teams were in another group and played each other. Strongest of the weak teams moved up the following year and the weakest of the strong group moved down.

  6. 1) You never ever never ever let up. Why, serious injuries are sustained when you do.

    2) This Tournament is a two Tier tournament that happens to have cross overs

    Tier 1 Ontario,BC,Iroquois and Alberta
    Tier 2 Saskatchewan,Manitoba,Quebec,Nova Scotia and New Brunswick

    To a man the Tier 2 coaches will tell you that they want to face the Tier 1 teams at their best. They want to have their athletes exposed to that level of play.

    The MA`s (member associations) approve the format in unison. It is an awesome display of Lacrosse for which each and every athlete should be proud to represent its Province in irrespective of the results. The process goals these players are going through each shift,period and game are far more important to the overall health of our game than any lopsided score. The lasting impressions are from the friendships and memories of competeing against the best . Hanging for a week with your peers off the floor. 20-2 who cares, getting a Cowboy hat for a pair of superfreaks……..priceless.

  7. 1) No one said anything about letting up. Just suggesting there is no need for lopsided scores if teams played against others of their own calibre. 30% of the games in Bantam and 23% of the games in Peewee had a difference of 12 goals or more. I suggest that does not have to be.

    2) So are the “B” Gold and Bronze games determined by games against tier 1 teams and tier 2 teams or by games only between teams playing against each other in tier 2? Goals for and against formula?

    I would suggest that friendships and memories could be made and kept even if the formuls for running the tournament was changed.

  8. I believe once you get to the Bantam level there should no longer be two tiers, by doing so we are under valuing the game. What other National level tournament issues 6 gold medals for a potential maximum 14 team, historically 9 team tournament . In the case of the Bantam division this year – it was mathematically possible for a team to play for ‘B’ division Gold by only winning one game – 6th versus 7th cross over game. Can a medal be more tainted?

  9. But (playing devils advocate now and simply asking the question), does that mean that no other provinces should ever compete against Ontario, B.C., Alberta and Iroquois? I would suggest that other Provinces may want to compete and we could see the day when more than four teams are in the hunt for the Championship.

    As for the friendships, I think that they will be and are being made regardless of the format or the scores.

  10. my apologies in my previous point – I meant to state 6 medals, not 6 gold medals

  11. What about the possibility of having 2 tiers – BC, Center of the universe, Iriquios & Alberta (Tier 1)…..The rest Tier 2.
    The last place team in tier 1 goes down the next year, & the first place team in tier 2 goes up next year………just a suggestion
    The club idea is also good, but all you people are using your way back machines to the 70’s or 80’s. You have to remember as much as we’d like to, billeting is not that much of an option any more. I did it in 1980 provincials in Kitimat BC & it was an awesome experience, but it doesn’t happen alot these days.
    That being said, to ask the parents and kids from a club team to raise funds for their regular season is one thing then to ask for more funds for a national tourney may be a touch too much.
    Just being selfish now, but how about a few more Nationals out on the BEST….. I mean WESTCOAST !!!!

  12. Let’s end the Nationals Now. Unfortunately they just seem to create a lot of dissension. First all we hear about are the politics in selecting staff and players for each team and how someone that should have been on the team was ripped off because they don’t play for the right team.
    Next we hear that the scores are lopsided and how unsportsmanlike that is .
    Funny but as a 9 year old I remember losing by scores up to 18-1 and as an adult by scores up to 20-4…obviously it never stopped me from loving and playing the game.
    Now we hear from someone who would like to see the Nationals travel to the west coast. Funny again in that the only thing preventing that from happening is the lack of desire on the part of any other association to host them.
    So, either stop the whining or stop the Nationals.

  13. the only thing preventing the Nationals from coming to the west coast is that some of the member associations believe that Rogers is giving a better “deal” in Ontario than would be given in B.C. Lots of minor clubs in B.C. willing to host but they haven’t been given the chance.

    You are correct about the politics in selecting staff and players.

  14. Bantams were in Burnaby in 2005. Midgets will be in Calgary in 2008.

  15. I played in the nationals this year it it sucked getting killed by ontario but we still had lots of fun.It would have been nice if they let up at 20 though.Thats why no one cheered for ontario in the final too.

  16. I can only comment on the PeeWee team and concerning the players.
    As for the selection of the Players I do not believe there were politics involved. The coaching staff selected a team that they thought would bring Gold back to Ontario and they succeeded. This team consisted of players from 15 different centers, 4 different zones with a handfull of players coming from B and C teams. Although there were talented players that could have done an excellent job holding a position on this team that were not sellected, it is obvious that the coaches made the right choices. As those that were sellected did what the team was set out to do, win gold.

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