Warriors Take Spirited Game 4 To Stay Alive

The Whitby Warriors playing do or die lacrosse had enough on the night to outlast the Six Nations Arrows 12-9 and get their first win in this best of seven series.

The game seemed to be all Arrow’s early consistently holding a 2 goal margin. Whenever Whitby would score to get the crowd into it, the Arrows would march right back down the floor and regain the 2 goal advantage. The turning point seemed to come when Whitby called the Six Nations goalie on illegal equipment and he was done for the evening. The Warriors seemd to get inspired and began to draw a number of penalty calls on the Arrows and their Power Play struck a few times to get them back into it and take a lead that they would ride to victory.

There were quite a few shananigans near the end of the game, which I won’t get in to. I’ll simply quote what someone on the OLA Fan Forum posted; “lose with dignity, win with humility”.

Game 5 goes Sunday night in Six Nations. It was great to see the Six Nations fan support at IPA last night. Now let’s just see if the Warrior fans can do the same Sunday…


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