Saturday Summary of Peewee Provincials

Well in a word “WOW”!

It was absoutely one of the longest days I’ve had in a while, but what excitement. The teams were competing hard, and as the day went on it was more and more intense.  

Early in the day I was upstairs in Whitney Hall after the final round robin games watching the Peewee “B” coaches from Whitby 2, Hamilton, Brampton and Gloucester wait while an OLA rep (Jim Bell of Sarnia) worked out a formula.  All 4 teams were 1 win, 1 loss, and 1 tie through three games.  In the end, Hamilton ended up first, and Whitby #2 second.  But all 4 teams were in the .400 range, how much closer can you get than that across 4 teams?  At the same time in another B division Whitby #3 and Owen Sound having just tied their game go to the formula as well.  Whitby gets in with .478 while Owen Sound goes home at .458

If that is not enough I’ll better it. In the C2 division, Shelburne in their last game defeats North Perth 6-2, putting them in a tie with Midland at 1 win, 1 loss, 1 tie. To the formula we go and Midland goes on at .486, while Shelburne goes home at .478. Come on, that is eight one thousandths of a per cent.

It was an unbelievable day of lacrosse and the action starts tomorrow morning at 8:00 am.

My one negative comment on the day is to our timekeepers.  They are all relatively local, but not all are from here in Whitby.  Kids, you need to buckle down especially in the last 2-3 minutes of a one goal or a tie game.  That is not the time of the game (there actually isn’t a time during the game), to horse around or not pay attention.  I saw way too many instances of parents or coaches having to yell to get the clock stopped.  You are not getting rich I know, but you are getting paid, so take pride in it and do a good job.

I need to send a big thanks to the OLA reps upstairs for sharing all the game scores with me so that they can be shared with those out there that cannot be here. Also to my “friends” that are helping me get these updates up quick, without having to go home (wink, wink), thanks. 

Tune in tomorrow!



  1. Why even post a negative comment?
    If it wasn’t for all the hard work by all volunteers etc. this great event would never happen. Lets leave the disparaging remarks about timekeepers out of it and concentrate on how well the games really were. It’s great someone takes the time to do updates etc. but to come down on a bunch of kids making min wage ? c’mon we don’t need to start narrowing down insults to timekeepers let alone ref’s by demographics now, do we ?

  2. Driven, I appreciate your comments, and it was the end of a very long day yesterday.

    Having said that, what I am doing on here and what many of the OLA people are doing down there is volunteer work. I do not get anything out of this except visits to a site designed for kids, and the satisfaction of knowing that I am informing people that want to know the game results a.s.a.p. The timekeepers are one of only two groups getting paid, along with the refs.

    And I did not come down on the kids, I simply said that the fact that they are getting “paid”, they should take pride in what they are doing, and pay attention to their “job”. Yes it is minimum wage (per OLA guidelines), but spending a week in an arena watching lacrosse games is not a bad way to make a few hundred bucks as far as I`m concerned.

    Demographics have nothing to do with it. The point is, is that this is an experience for hundreds of players and their families and I`d like it to be a positive one for as many as possible, seeing as it is in my home town.


    G Mark

  3. Timekeepers…..

    I had the unfortunate experience on Sunday in the quarter finals of a Peewee C1 game to have a timekeeper that must have had something else on his mind other than his paid job.

    A goal scored by us was actually put on the game sheet under both teams. We went into the third period losing 6-1 and we scored 6 goals in the third, and somewhere a 7th goal was put on the board for Arthur. We eventually lost in overtime. When i was reviewing the score sheet after the game i noticed what had happened and spoke with the OLA brass to protest………………. 20 minutes after the game the answer i received was once that game sheet is signed and delivered there is nothing i can do. OUCH paid timekeepers and referees have an obligation and must understand the impact a poor decision can make for a team that has worked all year

  4. Kein P, very well put, and thanks for keeping your emotions out of your post (as I cannot say I would have been able to do the same). We all know it is only a game, but when you are involved, I know you sometimes feel like screaming when your team is done wrong.

    For those wondering, as I stated above, this is not about “picking on the kids” doing the timing in the games. It is about knowing their responsibility and understanding that they are an important part of these games. They do have an impact and are being paid because of it.

  5. First of all, let’s not let the actions of one or two individuals put on a damper on what is a tremendous event for the sport of lacrosse.

    I do hope that the actions of the scorekeeper(s) in the Oakville/Arthur PeeWee C1 Quarter-Final game on Saturday are reviewed and dealt with appropriately. As a parent watching this game which featured an incredible comeback, I can attest that there was much confusion in the stands as the score was posted as 7-7, rather than 7-6, after Oakville had scored what appeared to be the go-ahead goal with 1:35 left in the 3rd period. Previous to that, no one, within my ear shot, was heard protesting that a 7th Arthur goal was missing from the board. We quickly heard that the score-sheet had been looked at and that 7 goals did appear under both teams. Unfortunately, the quick review did not catch several anomalies.
    Upon closer examination of the score-sheet:
    – Oakville’s 7th goal scored at 1:35 of the 3rd period by #9, assists from #14 & #4. This was accurately recorded on all accounts.
    – Arthur’s 7th goal scored at 10:50 of the 3rd period by #9, assists from #14 & #4. Sound familiar, other that the time? As most of you know, the goal listings are separated by team and do not get entered in a single column in the sequence that they are scored.
    o Arthur did NOT score in the 3rd period.
    o A previous Oakville goal was recorded at 10:40 of the 3rd period. With the clock running at this point in the game, I don’t think it would be possible to record the goal, line up, draw and score in 10 seconds.

    It seems unthinkable that a season could come to a crashing end due to the actions of an impartial scorekeeper and not due to the actions of the players in the game. An unbelievable comeback quashed by a few strokes of a pen.

    In closing, I would like to congratulate the Arthur team for a great recovery, in winning the game in O/T and the team from Windsor for winning the PeeWee C1 Division. I would like to thank all involved in putting this great event together for yet another year. I would also like to thank the organizer(s) of this blog for keeping us up-to-date with results, and allowing me a venue to vent. I would like to urge the appropriate authorities to review this event in an attempt to prevent future unnecessary disappointments.

  6. […] case in point to demonstrate the importance of time keepers in a game can be found by following this link. It is a post I made during the 2007 OLA Lacrosse Festival where a Peewee team from Oakville was […]

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