Why Now? Lacrosse Is Doing So Well…

Over the last few weeks, Minor Lacrosse as well as Junior and Senior Lacrosse in Ontario are at the pinnacle of their seasons.  With Provincial Qualifiers and the upcoming Championships for the kids, as well as the Junior and Senior teams now well into the playoffs, it could not be a better time to showcase our great game.

So it is very unfortunate that I must put up a post that may potentially slow down the run of positive energy and excitement that we have amassed over the last while.  I really debated posting this issue because of the potential negative impacts on our game.  But when I sat and thought a little more about it, I decided that we really do need to bring this to light and more importantly do something about it.

A while back I posted asking what is happening out there with the increase in violence in the game.  It related to on floor brawls, players going into the stands, etc.  But lately, there has been an increase in the numbers of parents that have become increasingly belingerent or abusive to their own kids, other parents, refs, arena staff, you name it.  I guess I`m a little confused at what could possibly entice an adult, who I’m thinking is there to watch their child enjoy a GAME, to go off on a rant that in some cases goes way over the line.

The latest incident in a growing list involves a mom in attendance at a Novice game in one of the true hotbeds of lacrosse anywehre, Six Nations, Ontario.  Now I will preface what I say with the only true facts that I know for sure; I was not there and therefore do not know the entire situation or goings on. 

However, it is alleged that this lady was watching her child in a game and became quite upset at the lack of calls from the officials, which supposedly prompted her to very loudly voice her displeasure.  Her displeasure ultimately turned into alleged racial comments toward the Six Nations parents, players, and anyone in attendance.  This progressed throughout the parking lot, supposedly a fight ensued, and eventually the police were called.  It is now under investigation.

I guess I’m really very disturbed by this for so many non-lacrosse related reasons first. The 9-10 year old children in the game and what effect that might have had on them. The fans at the game including other young children I`m sure, and what effect that had on them. The parents on the team that this lady is from and the parents from the other team; the effects on them.

One person, a man by the name of John Sibbick has had enough and has stepped up to begin the wheels in motion to stop this sort of thing from happening.  I beleive John is not out on a personal crusade against this particular mom.  Rather, I’m thinking that John is a lacrosse lover that wants to showcase and bring to light all the great traits of our game, and deal with this sort of negativity.  It is truly an aspect of our sport that is growing each year, and not helping it at all.  We must begin to deal with this and John is willing to try with some help.

If you’d like to contact him to see how you can get involved, you can email John at  kimjohn@sympatico.ca


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