September 28, 1974 Philadelphia vs.Rochester Videos

A big thank you must go out to Wamper’s Bible of Lacrosse site for providing the videos below.  The first two are courtesy of one of our recent Heroes of Lacrosse, Philadelphia Wings’ John Grant (#12).  He had an outstanding reach as witnessed in one of his goals here, while on the other he shows that using the wooden stick, he was one of the players in the day that could still pick the corners of the net.

The third video is one of the Wings Terry Rowland (#27) using his size and strength in driving to the net and scoring on Merv Marshall.

And lastly, there is one of Jim Wasson (#16) of Philadelphia, using his quickness on a much larger defender, driving the net and also scoring a nice goal.


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  1. Pattty O wears oversized equipment esp. in Big games – Playoffs and He is Supposed to start in the Net in the South end of the areana (Thr Rule states that the Goalie of the Home team must start in the Net closest to the nearest bench). In this instance in Peterborough the Home Bench is closest to the South Net – The Net at the end of the Arena where the Bar is. That is where Patty O is supposed to start every home game!! Only Brampton caught the Violation of this rule this year – none of the other Clubs caught it. The reason for The Laker’s always wanting to start in the other net is so their Goalie throws the ball to the fast break man, he only has to take a few big strides and he is right in front of the Opposing Goaltender because their bench door is closer to the net than if they did things according to the Rule Book. You see there is method in their Madness!!! It is good to play and Win but let’s keep things fair!!

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