1931 Pro Lacrosse Montreal vs. Toronto

Another video provided by Wamper and his Bible Of Lacrosse. This video shows a Pro game played between Montreal and Toronto. A few points to note about the game then:

1) First the crease and net go right to the end boards so that there is no room for anyone to go behind the net.
2) Notice near the end of the video, even though the players are not wearing helmets, when emotions start to run high they have no problem swinging their sticks at each others heads, and
3) The ref is wearing a tie and it looks like dress pants.

[livevideo id=2C7ECFA29CDD48F89816AB4CF4CD4E5A]

Note: If you would like to use this video on your site, please first obtain consent from me and / or the Wamper.


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