Hey Ref…….Good Job!

I was thinking after the crazy amount of lacrosse that we just had this past weekend about the very little I heard about the calls from refs, suspensions, fights, melees, etc.  Ok, so there were a few isolated incidents in certain games, but then again, you always get that regardless.

But for the fact that 118 games (by my count) were played at Iroquois Park Arena over the three day span, I have to say that I was quite impressed.  Quite impressed by the fact that from the games I saw, they were well played, and just as important (maybe because of), they were well officiated.

Im not sucking up, I’m giving credit where it is due.  I watched a ton of games over the three days and I was exhausted at the end of it all, between Coaching and watching.  My players were exhausted, having played seven games in three days.  But I guess it was sometime Saturday afternoon when I started thinking to myself; hey this ref has been doing a lot of games so far, and there is still another day to go.  Some of these guys (and gals) did 5-6-7 games in a day!

Now it might not be the exact same as playing, but I’ll tell you this; with the speed, skills and athleticism of todays players, the refs cannot and do not sit at one end of the floor and blow their whistle.  They are hustling up and down the floor keeping up with the play for a full 45 minutes.  Players get breaks.  Referees do not (except at the end of the periods).  Yes they get paid, but I for one will say that they did a commendable job over this past weekend and I hope they all come back and do as good a job in two weeks.

The look on some of their faces on Sunday afternoon / evening said it all. They were beaten up physically.

Good job folks.



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  1. Thank You very much for recognizing the officials at the Qualifiers.


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