Field Lacrosse In The Spring Or In The Fall?

Well it’s now been two consecutive weeks of Field Lacrosse for the Minors. From what I’ve seen, teams are better, competition is closer, and for the first time in the last few years that I can remember, the weather has somewhat participated (in the East anyway).

I was browsing the fan forums today and noted a few comments on the state of washrooms at the fields. It really is sad to hear that some folks (hopefully mainly kids), cannot seem to keep washrooms somewhat respectable. I know that where I was they were in no great shape and I was there Saturday. I do not want to think about what they would have been like on Sunday. So let’s remind our kids to respect washrooms otherwise we may have no place to play.

And speaking of play, there are still grumblings about field locations and cancellations, etc., which brings up the question; should we move the field lacrosse season to the fall where many believe it belongs? Of course then it would conflict with that other sport, h-o-c-k-e-y……..oh my gosh no, not hockey.

Well as one person put it, let’s just do it. Start the fall field lacrosse season after all of the box lacrosse is over and have a regular field season, where kids get to learn the game with the time required. Instead we are cramming everything a boy or girl needs to know about this game into a complete 5 week season.

So let’s hear some opinions of people out there, I’ll throw out a few options.

1) Should we throw caution to the wind and just run a full regular field season whether it conflicts with hockey or not? One poster said numbers would likely be low in year 1 but would pick up afterwards.


2) Should we run the same 5 week season but at the mid to late part of August, ensuring that we are done in time so as to not conflict with hockey?


3) Should we just leave well enough alone and do what has been done to date?

Your thoughts?



  1. I think the OLA needs to take a long, hard look at the big picture and future of lacrosse in Ontario and that includes minor field in the fall and perhaps compressing the box season. This would in all liklihood require a revamping of how box lacrosse teams are rated, but that is in need of an overhaul too.

  2. Field in the Fall- Definately the way to go. Lacrosse needs to stop taking the back seat to hockey. :(ouch said the “h” word.

  3. I think field lacrosse should be in the fall – beginning in late July or early August – shorten up box a bit…or back it up to start earlier….keep the field 5 or 6 weeks…

    Have tryouts in the fall after the season is over then box can start as soon as the ice comes out of the arenas….the tryouts should be right after the season is done anyway….

    The early spring is too hard to find fields to practice on and the weather is alot more unpredictable to be outside.

    The OLA should really think about the both sports of lacrosse….

  4. I vote for moving it to the fall. Too much going on in the spring and too confusing with the field conditions. It will only get harder to get fields.

    September & October is prime lacrosse weather and will likely lead to greater numbers and a decent future for Ontario field lacrosse

  5. Did we not already do a survey on this??

  6. We started our box tryouts at the end of March and did play our first game until May 7th. Wasted all of April. I can’t see any reason why box can’t be started earlier and end by mid to late July. Then start field ending labour long weekend at the latest.

    As for ignoring hockey, give your head a shake….

    My son’s field team is mostly all hockey players. LAX will loose every time against hockey in September. We already have players missing box and field due to spring hockey tournaments already.

  7. Some people like to have at least one week to vacation as a family…

  8. In BC our field season runs the same as hockey & soccer ie: Early September, one month break at Christmas, start again in January-Provincials in March. Great deal of talk about shortening season to end Dec for house/Tier 2 teams & having others restart in Jan.
    My son quit hockey his 2nd Bantam season to committ fully to field lacrosse, and did play on a rep soccer team this year with not too many conflicts. Our box season starts tryouts Feb/Mar & season begins in April, with provincials in July. March has been crazy last 2 years with both box & field ongoing, that’s why we’re looking at shortening field season.
    But then the question of Nationals comes up being held Labour day weekend- still talking -field is growing leaps & bounds here in BC.

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