A Lacrosse Drill from James Jurcic.

Inside Out (ages 8-12)

Movement and passing are combined in this drill

=> What you need…
Create an area that is about 20 yards by 20 yards, with 5 players (with balls) inside the square area, and 5 players (without balls) outside the square area.

=> How this drill works…
Players must move around the square area maintaining good control of the ball.

When the coach blows the whistle, the players inside the square must prepare to pass the ball to a player outside the square.

Once the players outside the square secure the pass, they must move inside the square, and the players inside must follow their pass outside the square.

If two players pass to the same person, whichever person’s pass doesn’t get caught, that person is out of the drill.

It is important the coach watch for: good passing technique, good vision on the part of players and that they are moving around.

=> Result…
Passers recognize players to pass to while moving around, and reinforcing passing skills.

Good coaching,

Thanks James,


For more passing and catching drills, check out James book:



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