“Cradle the ball” Lacrosse Drill

A Lacrosse Drill from James Jurcic.


Cradling is an essential skill for young (or new) players to learn right away.

=> What you need…

Players should have their sticks and of course, full equipment to do this drill. Players can spend some time practicing this at home, because it does require some dexterity to do well.

=> How this drill works…

Each player should have their stick and carrying a ball from one side of the field (or box) to the other. Cradling is necessary to control the ball while the player is running down the floor and dodging other players on the field.

=> Coaches should notice the following:

Grip – The top hand should be in a position that allows it to control the bounce inside the pocket.

The bottom hand will direct the stick when the player is running and if they are trying to make a pass or take a shot.

When standing still, the top hand should be underneath the stick, and the bottom hand should be on top.

The wrist and arm action – These should work in conjunction with one another.

The idea is to create the least amount of bounce in the pocket of the player’s stick.

The forearm on the top hand should work like a hinge, and not moving all over the place. The wrist should not curl or flex too much.

Stick position – The stick position for the beginner should be horizontal when they are stationary.

It is a standard pose for any player, except for when they may be experiencing pressure.

When a defender must shield their stick from a defender, the stick moves to a vertical position, almost parallel with the player’s body.

That’s it for today!

Thanks James.

BTW: James has over 15 battle-tested ball control drills:



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