The End Of An Era?

Tonight in Whitby, marks the last game of the season for the Whitby Masters Lacrosse League. Team White and Team Blue will square off in a much anticipated final, where bragging rights are the prize over the course of the coming summer months. Two other games will also be held to determine 3rd to 6th place for the year.

However, while this is the final, a couple of weeks back, everyone was enlightened to the fact that this could really be the end of Winter Lacrosse in Whitby. We found out that our place to meet and compete (Whitby Soccer City), an indoor facility that never has ice, had been sold effective next week. The new owners plan on using it as a warehouse.

With every other facility in Whitby holding ice in the winter (and there still is not enough), many Men’s and Ladies Masters Lacrosse Leagues now have no place to play. There is one option currently being investigated; the Civic Auditorium in Oshawa. Since it became vacant after the opening of the GM Centre (where the Oshawa Generals play), the Civic has had nothing going on inside and there is no ice in the facility. If a deal cannot be worked out, Masters Lacrosse will cease in the winter months in Whitby. I would encourage anyone and everyone to call, write, or email the City of Oshawa and state their desire to play lacrosse at the Civic and to keep the facility open for such.

In any case, it has been 17 years that the Winter Season has been operating. Started by current OLA President John Doherty and Mark Watson, the league has gone from a “throw in your sticks” pickup game to an organized 8 team league over that time. I recall those first few weeks at Iroquois Park in Whitby, and still play to this day. It has been a lot of fun; you might say we are a “beer league” because that is what most guys go to do in the après game. Let’s just hope that it can continue or there will be many upset housewives on Thursday nights in the future…….


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  1. Sad if it cannot continue.
    That area certainly NEEDS a year-round floor. A few more scattered around the GTA would be a dream.

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