The Sad Reality Of The NLL

You know I love the game of lacrosse and all that it does to entertain us.  But sometimes you hear of something happening in a game or the way a player was treated and it kind of leaves you a little upset.  Well last Thursday night I heard such a story and I felt the need to write up an entry here.

Now I’m not doing this to be controversial, and really do not want to make a lot of it, but I spoke with my good friend Mike Miron.  As many of you know, Mike has opened many doors for us here to get a number of the NLL Players to contribute to our interviews.  That in itself should give at least some indication of the kind of guy Mike is.  He has always made the time for many people, to help out, and many of the players in the NLL that he has played with and against, remain his friends and stay in contact with him whether they play on the same team or not.

Mike is a six year veteran of the league, and was released last week by Rochester.  Now being released (although not the best thing in the world), is not the issue.  But being released less than one week after the roster declaration is due is a little sly if you ask me.  What that means is that Mike could have been traded before the trade deadline; it didn’t happen.  He could have been released so that he could sign on with anyone else before the rosters needed to be declared; it didn’t happen.

Instead less than a week after all deadlines had passed; he was flat out released.  That means that now he cannot sign on with any other team until next season, and more importantly his 2006 – 2007 season is over.

Good business or a poor way to handle a pretty good guy and someone the NLL should be proud to have as one of its players?  Let’s just say that Rochester didn’t win over this fan with that move.  While I still enjoy many of their players, and love watching them play that was just wrong to do. 

In a league where their players do not get millions of dollars to play each season, this cannot be good for relations……


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