The short answer on legal masks in boy’s HS lacrosse

An interesting question popped up recently that had to do with the legality of facemasks in boy’s high school lacrosse.

The issue stems from a CLA technical bulletin regarding the use of certain masks, the NAMI Sr., ONTY Sr. & O’Neil masks in CLA sanctioned play.  CLA Technical Bulletin 07-03 states that the masks mentioned above will not be allowed in minor lacrosse at the midget level and below.

This presents a problem for boy’s high school lacrosse, where such masks are seen with regularity and that the age groupings are different from the Canadian Lacrosse Association.

From a referee perspective the short answer is that what is legal in the OLA is legal in boys high school lacrosse in OntarioThat is to say, if you are midget aged (15 & 16) and below, the facemask/helmet must conform to CLA Technical Bulletin 07-03.  However, those players older than midget are allowed to use the facemasks noted above. 

More information will be forthcoming on this issue, but I figured I would put the word out now just in case anyone has the same question.


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