Whitby Masters Week 2 Scores

With the annual Saturday game (followed by the banquet that evening), the Whitby Masters Season is nearing the end of yet another campaign.  On only two days rest, the teams were back at it (although most of us were still recovering from Thursdays games).  Here were the scores from Saturday.

Blue (Lax Shack) 17       Grey (Dodd & Souter) 6

Orange (Kalty) 16          Green (Swish) 6

White (A & T) 13            Black (Caro) 4

With Blue, Orange and White all being 2-0 in the playoffs there is currently a 3 way tie for 1st place.  This Thursday night will determine the 1st and 2nd place finishers after the Round Robin.  If all 3 teams win, then the tie breaking formula will be used to determine who goes to the final (GF / GF + GA).  Right now Blue and White have identical GF (37) and GA (15), with Orange at 26 GF and 11 GA.

Good luck to all.  Yours truly won’t be playing this Thursday as I will be at my Peewee teams tryouts.

More stats and standings can be found at http://www.gmc.on.ca/masters/pl.htm


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