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For those that think they might like to try and work on their own stick, I have a young fellow that can help you out.  Taylor Osborne has been stringing sticks for quite a while now and has put up some information online for you to check out.  He did quite a number of sticks for my team last season and did great work. 

I will embarass myself now and say that although I`ve played lacrosse for 34 years I cannot put my own shooting string in let alone put in a new mesh properly.  Taylor can do it for you and charges a very reasonable rate.  It`s only $20 and he provides the mesh.

Check out his site at



  1. Thanks Gary

  2. You aren’t the only one who plays and can’t string a stick, I’ve only found a handful of people that are really really good at stick stringing. So super kudos to Taylor if he’s good!

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