A Rant About Team Ontario

We stated at the inception of the Blog that this was not going to be a gripe session; that it was going to be informative, and to date we are quite proud of what we’ve done here.  So the next little rant hopefully will be about as controversial as it will get.

I was perusing the OLA Fan Forums tonight and came across an Anonymous post (surprise, surprise) from someone stating that the Peewee Ontario Team has already been selected, and that unless you are from Orangeville or Whitby, that you had no chance of making the team.  It also stated and I’m quoting here that:

“I have seen a ton of games and I know for a fact that each team, from each Zone has at least one Great player. This player would be better than the #3 player on the Whitby depth chart”.

So rather than rewrite my response I cut and pasted it below. I would really like to hear some input from anyone on my # 2 question at the end as I’ve wondered about that for the last couple of years.

My response……

“Why Not Identify Yourself” 

Everyone has the opportunity to sit behind a computer screen anonymously and tell the world what they know as fact. If you have an opinion, login with your name, identify yourself. If you truly want discussion on this, say who you are so we can get an idea of the validity of your argument.

While I won’t say its fact, it is quite possible that any player in any zone is better than a 3rd player on any team in the province. But until you see the 3rd player on any team, you might want to hold your thought. So how do you determine great? Is it simply stick skills? Is it speed? Is it size? Is it how many goals he scores?

Just because a player may score 4 goals a game, what if he is on for 5 goals against because he cannot play defense? Likewise, what if he never loses his defensive assignment but can’t catch the ball in the offensive end?

I guess the point I’m trying to make is that you need 15-18 kids that can learn to play a system together at both ends of the floor. In Peewee it’s not about one player running through an entire team like it was back in Paperweight / Tyke. Those were great players. Great players in Peewee have a lot more responsibility in both ends as well as transition. Great players in Peewee have a vision of what is going to take place before it actually takes place.

I’m guessing but I would think that the Coaches on the Provincial team would be looking for a combination of kids to cover all of the attributes above (speed, size and ability at each end). In my opinion exceptional skills are an absolute must for every player. However, in my 16 years of Coaching I’ve not seen too many players that have all of those physical attributes as well as exceptional skills at the Peewee level. If the great player(s) you refer to have all of this or even most, I’d suggest they’ll be on the team regardless of where they’re from.

As for Whitby, Orangeville, etc. I’m not going to touch that one. It is a very touchy subject; however I will tell you that I know for a fact that these associations along with Peterborough, Halton and many others teach the systems I mentioned above. I know it is fact because I coach in one of these associations myself, and I also see it from those teams that we play against.

Two questions I’d be interested in getting a response to:
1) where did you see your “ton of games” and when were they?
2) should this Team be strictly a representation of the various zones, or who the coaching staff feels give Ontario the best chance to win?

As for Team Ontario tryouts, good luck to all of the kids (Peewee and Bantam) and let’s get the Gold back where it belongs!



  1. As a matter of fact for 2007 Peewee Team Ontario, I think the Coaches did a great job of picking a “team” of talented players from fifteen different centers that will succeed as a unit.
    Congrats Coaches I foresee great things this year.


  2. Good point Ken.

    I think I speak for many when I say I hope you are right!

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