Whitby Masters Week 9 Scores

Well week 9 is in the books, and it was pretty interesting. Blue wins (with a fill-in goalie), Orange scores right to the last fraction of a second in the game to ensure their win, and White loses for the second time on the season to lose first place honours.

The Scores

Blue (Lax Shack) 12                               Black (Caro) 7

Orange (Kalty) 23 (yes that’s a 23)      Green (Swish) 8

Grey (Dodd & Souter) 12                       White (A & T) 10

For all the league stats and standings follow This Link

On a less fun note, I found out yesterday that our place to play winter ball (Soccer City) has been sold and the new owners will not be using the facility for sports any longer.  So it looks like we will have to find somewhere new to play or play in the streets.  Hopefully something gets figured out.  Anyone out there with a couple million lying around and needing somewhere to spend it; let me know and I’ll partner with you to build a new indoor lacrosse facility……………anyone?



  1. Firstly-Yes that was 23 goals. I find it a sad comentary of the behavior of some of the Orange players to run up the score when the game was out of reach for the Green machine. Noticing that some of the lesser offensive players on the Orange team were not passed to was classless. After all this is not the NLL or the Redmen.
    Some teams are blessed to have a good goalie, some aren’t so lets remember it just fun to play the game , not rub it in the face of the losing team.

  2. As a member of the Orange team (and one of the “lesser” offensive players), I offer a few comments:

    -I really don’t appreciate the comments about ball hogging by the better players. The top players on Orange are sharing the ball with less talented players better than any team I have ever played for in this league. On this team, whether you’re a 2 or 20 goal per year man, if you’re open and moving, you can expect a pass.

    -Everyone who played in that game has found themselves on either end of lopsided scores now and then. We all know it happens sometimes.

    There was no concerted attempt to run up the score. The scoring chances were created, the shots were taken, and many found the back of the net.

  3. Mike (Elliott), you make a good point. However, I do not believe the intent of the comment was about ball hogging. I believe the point was that instead of trying for that 23rd goal, as a team pass the ball around, don’t fake a pass with under a minute left in the game to someone who has not scored this season, and score your whatever number goal of the game. Give the ball to the guy and let him try.

    Saying that there was not a concerted effort to run up the score, I don’t think I buy that. There is a little thing called respecting your opponents, and 23 (unless the other team has 15, 16, 17) is waaaaaay overboard. I think most that have played a while would agree.

    I completely understand trying to get a guy a goal who may not score much, no matter what the score, but when guys are intentionally trying to get their 12th goal of the game, with the score as it was, it is a little embarrassing for everyone.

    Unfortunately, I know that for some that this is their Minto Cup, their Mann Cup, their World Championship, and being the leading scorer on the season means everything to their ego. Face it guys, the only thing it gets you in this league, is a gag award at the banquet (I`ve had the honor).

    And, for those that may be thinking it, I’m not specifically talking about the Orange team on my last comment.

    Just my two cents, but worth every penny (I think).

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