Matt A. Tricks – One Week Later…

Matt A. has been practicing…

Um, small disclaimer; I didn’t spell “practicing” incorrectly, that was the video editors mistake. LOL!



  1. practise [ˈprӕktis] verb

    to do exercises to improve one’s performance in a particular skill etc
    Example: She practises the piano every day; You must practise more if you want to enter the competition.

    Although I usually spell the word “practice”, practise is an accepted variant used mainly by the British. Since I was born in England…I can take my pick.

    “I thought I was wrong once…..but I was mistaken”

  2. hey

    if you are a person whom likes making videos and does it frequently then i had an idea for your next movie you can attempt to complete mark steinhus ( mind my spelling ) were he gets the ball craddled in his stick flips it through his legs and catches it on the side like he did on the all star game shootout

    Just an idea jack


  3. oh yeah and if you want video of steinhus’s trick just email me at

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