Interview with Mike Miron of Rochester

In our next sit down session we chat with another one of the good guys in the game today; Rochester goaltender Mike Miron. Mike as you will read below started playing lacrosse at the age of seventeen. Now while most players and goalies at that age are fighting for Junior Championships he was just starting to play.  A few short years later he is a Professional Lacrosse Goalie in the NLL. So don’t ever let someone tell you it is too late to start playing lacrosse.

On a personal note, I’ve known Mike now for quite a few years, and I really want to thank him.  Many of the interviews we have secured here on the Blog with the NLL players have been assisted by Mike and his ability to contact them on our behalf. We are hoping in the future to be able to hear more from Mike and he has agreed to check in from the road with us from time to time.

For now, enjoy the Q & A.

GM: At what age did you start playing lacrosse and when did you start in goal?

MM: I did not start playing lacrosse until I was seventeen; I always played hockey year round and the year I quit hockey a friend asked me to play house league lacrosse. By the end of that season I was playing intermediate A then on with the green Gaels Jr. B, team. I was a goalie there from the beginning. I was not much of a runner!

GM: Who do you credit for helping you most in learning the position?

MM: Wayne Colley was my biggest influence. I could always stop the ball because I was big, but it was Wayne that showed me all the angles and foot work to complete the position. Wayne also taught me how to throw. Before Wayne it was like peanut, someone had to come in the crease to get the ball.

GM: In Junior you won two Founders Cups. Describe that experience if you can.

MM: I won the two Founders Cups in Clarington, one in 98 and the other in 2000. Both were great experiences; especially the one in 2000. We were down 6-1 at the end of the first and pulled out the win 8-6 to claim the championship. In 2000 it was very special because we hosted the Founders tournament that year and it was on home floor. It is always a great feeling when you win in your building in front of your fans.

GM: In your time on Arizona, you went to a Championship game in 2005. Were you a little surprised to be traded to Rochester?

MM: I was a little surprised when I heard I was on the block so to speak. I guess because I had been the guy there for five years and went to the final. But it is a business and I can respect that. Rochester is a great place to play with a lot of history, a great team, great guys and another real shot at a championship.

GM: You’ve not played as much in Rochester (behind Pat O’Toole) as you did in Arizona. How have you adjusted to that?

MM: No I have not seen much time. Adjusting is hard because I have the same frame of mind since I started playing the game; I have always been the starter. Every goalie will tell you it is a different mind set to come off the bench.

GM: Who are your lacrosse heroes?

MM: Heroes of the game to me are Wayne Colley, who helped me to where I am today.  I also always loved to watch Gary Gait in Brooklin. He has done so much for the game.

GM: Give us any pre-game rituals you may have.

MM: When I was starting I had some pretty weird ones; a couple that I will share with you. I always had to be freezing the night before a game and day of in the hotel. I remember in Arizona Jason Clark and Bruce Codd used to refer to my room as the ice box. I always had to be last; last in the dressing room, last on the floor for warm-up, last when we were announced, always last. And let’s not forget the rumour everyone has heard (the cokes). Yes I drank coke before and during the games…always. Not anymore though, no more pop for me.

We’ve hit the fun question section now.

GM: Who in the NLL do you fear most shooting on you?

MM: John Tavares has always had my number. He always seems find the holes on me. That and he is not too bad with his stick either!

GM: Excluding yourself and Pat (O’Toole), the best goalie in the league today is..?

MM: I think Steve Deitrich is among the best goalies in the league. He just studies the play and players so well… and is a proven ball stopper.

GM: The hardest shot belongs to (give us a team mate and any other player)

MM: Steve Hoar, Cory Bomberry

GM: The most accurate shot belongs to.(give us a team mate and any other player)

MM: Mike Accursi, John Tavares

GM: If Mike Miron could sit and talk with any sports person in history it would be…

MM: I would like to sit and talk to Martin Brodeur and simply ask him how he does it.

GM: Mike, thanks for your time

MM: Thank You.


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