Interview with Colorado’s Gavin Prout

In our second “Ask The Pro’s” Interview, we speak with another member of the 2006 Championship Colorado Mammoth, and MVP of last years final; Gavin Prout. Gavin was gracious enough to answer a few questions and give some good advice to the young kids out there.

GM: At what age did you start playing the game of lacrosse?

GP: When I was 6 or 7

GM: Describe the greatest person to influence your game growing up.

GP: Jim Bishop and my parents

GM: Gee mentioned playing for Jim Bishop. What did he teach you about lacrosse that remains with you today?

GP: A very simple challenge… To shoot where the goalie isn’t, don’t pre-program your shots.

GM: You have been very successful in both Box and Field Lacrosse. Do you favour one game over the other?

GP: I favour indoor lacrosse because it was instilled in me as a young child. Growing up, learning and loving the indoor game before I was even introduced to field.

GM: You’ve been on your share of Championship teams in both Box and Field Lacrosse. If you could pick just one that tops off all of the rest, which one would it be?

GP: The 1999 Minto Cup because we dedicated that entire season to Jim Bishop.

GM: Many kids look at Gavin Prout and see a terrific lacrosse player. What advice would you give to youngsters on what they need to do to be successful in this game?

GP: It doesn’t matter what others tell you what you can or cannot do, don’t listen to them. Obstacles are meant to be overcome. What people believe isn’t necessarily reality; I grew up constantly being told I was too small. If you love something enough and work your hardest to achieve it, anything can be accomplished. Trust me!!

GM: You attended the University of Loyola. What would you say to kids contemplating attending a U.S. college or University to play field lacrosse?

GP: Definitely go for it. A free education or even a part-scholarship is a tremendous accomplishment. But remember, just because you’re good at lacrosse doesn’t mean you can slack at your studies, they are just as important if not more important to your future. Work hard at both, learn to manage your time properly and you’ll be just fine. Take pride in your studies.

GM: There is talk of a new NLL outdoor league. Any plans to play in that, or do you see playing Major again in the summer?

GP: The NLL outdoor season will not be commencing until 2008. They may do a few promotional games in select cities so I would be interested in that possibly.

Ok, as we did with Gee, here are some fun questions for you. You CANNOT pick a current Colorado team mate:

GM: The best player (not goalie) you’ve ever played with?

GP: Take your pick… Gary Gait, Paul Gait, Tom Marachek, John Tavares, John Grant Jr…

GM: The best player you’ve ever played against?

GP: Take your pick… Gary Gait, Paul Gait, Tom Marachek, John Tavares, John Grant Jr…

GM: The toughest goalie in the NLL to score on.

GP: Anthony Cosmo

GM: If Gavin Prout was not playing lacrosse, he would be…….?

GP: Spending a lot more time at his current job

GM: Who was your lacrosse idol growing up?

GP: Gary and Paul Gait

GM: If you could meet and talk with any person from any sport, past or present, it would be…..?

GP: Michael Jordan

GM: Thanks for your time doing this

GP: Thank You


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  1. Excellent interview! And timely too. Just received the latest Inside Lacrosse complete with a 7 page spread on Gavin Prout.

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