Lacrosse Stringing Information

For those that think they might like to try and work on their own stick, I have a young fellow that can help you out.  Taylor Osborne has been stringing sticks for quite a while now and has put up some information online for you to check out.  He did quite a number of sticks for my team last season and did great work. 

I will embarass myself now and say that although I`ve played lacrosse for 34 years I cannot put my own shooting string in let alone put in a new mesh properly.  Taylor can do it for you and charges a very reasonable rate.  It`s only $20 and he provides the mesh.

Check out his site at

Matt A. Tricks – One Week Later…

Matt A. has been practicing…

Um, small disclaimer; I didn’t spell “practicing” incorrectly, that was the video editors mistake. LOL!

Stick Tricks – Barney

The fan favourite, Barney working his magic….

Stick Tricks – Jake

Jake showing off his moves…..

Stick Tricks – Harp

Ok, here is Harp doing his thing….

Stick Tricks – Riles

Riles strutting his stuff…..

Stick Tricks – Matt A

Matt A and his tricks…..

Stick Tricks – Matt W

Matt W showing his stuff….

Stick Tricks – DK

Over the weekend we got a few kids to demo some of their stick tricks….enjoy.  This entry is DK!

A Challenge To The Kids….

OK kids it’s time for a challenge for you.

It seems that we are having a little bit of a problem linking to some of the Youtube videos of tricks.

So here’s the deal; we want you to video yourselves doing stick tricks.  Then take your videos and upload them onto Youtube.  Let us know where they are (be sure to share them) and we will post a link to your videos.  They can be anywhere up to 8 minutes in length but not more (that is a Youtube restriction). 

Let’s see what you’ve got. Give us your best, and you can be on the site for all to see. You can email us in the “About The Site” section to let us know you’ve got one up.

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