Minor Star(s) of The Day August 10/08

I caught the Novice C2 Championship Final today between Kahanwake and Six Nations # 2.  I had a recommendation to have a look at one of Kahnawake’s young players as a potential winner for the Minor Star of the day.  So I figured the least I could do, was check out his game.

Well I ended up catching a dynamite Final between two teams that played their hearts out, leaving everything they had on the floor. The player I was asked to have a look at was Eric McComber.  Eric scored the first two goals of the game for Kahanwake, and with his play at both ends of the floor, it looked like he would run away with the award.  He scored a third, and assisted on another.  But standing in the way of his team winning the Championship was a wall at the other end of the floor late in the game in the form of Daniel Hill.

In the final minutes, Kahnawake had three chances with the extra attacker on the floor, but 8-7 is as close as they would come, with Six Nations winning the game.  I was equally impressed with both young guys for their performances in the game, so rather than force myself to make a choice, I chose both! I presentedthem both with their own Max Power T-Shirt for their efforts.

In a true sign of sportsmanship at the completion of the game, after the medals were handed out, both teams joined at center floor for a picture together.  I caught that moment as well.

Congratulations to both teams on a great display of lacrosse, and to Eric and Daniel for being our Minor Star(s) of the Day.

2008 Festival Minor Star of the Day Kelly Babstock

All right, plain and simple this girl can play lacrosse. I had spoken to a few folks around the arena prior to seeing Kelly play, and the comments coming form everyone were, she’s awesome, you cannot stop her, etc., etc.

I mistakenly asked one of her team mates (before I met Kelly) if she was Kelly. The response? “Yeah, I wish”. The game I caught in the early afternoon, Mississauga defeated Clarington 6-2; Kelly scored six goals.

So without further delay, our Minor Star of the day….Ms. Kelly Babstock.

2008 Festival Minor Star of the Day Trevor Barrett

Trevor Barrett - Hamilton BengalsFor our next Minor Star of the Day, I sought a player from the Tyke Division.  There were a number of exciting and close games today in all of the Tyke divisions, but I caught an afternoon matchup between the Hamilton Bengals and Elora Mohawks that I could not pass up on. 

In the third period of a tie game, I noticed one player for Hamilton that seemed to take control of the game and score three consecutive goals in the early to mid section of the period.  It was their Team Captain Trevor Barrett.  Hamilton went on to win that game and advance to the Finals.

I found out after the game that Trevor had broken his stick and was “borrowing” his Coaches stick at the point he went on the scoring spree.  Well it certainly worked, as it helped the team to win their semi-final matchup. I’m not sure if his Coach got the stick back or not.

We did not have the time to interview Trevor on film, as he did not have a lot of time in between his semi-final game and the Championship Final. We did however, get a chance to get a picture of him in his new “Max Power” T-Shirt.

Unfortunaltely for Trevor and his team mates, they ran into a hot Team from Guelph in their Final game and lost the Championship.  But congratulations to them for getting there, as that in itself is a great accomplishment.

2008 Festival – Minor Star Of The Day Matthew Carroll

Well the Festival is now three days old, and just today I awarded the first “Minor Star of the Day”. My apologies as my plan was to do this every day, but schedules and catching so many games, I was unable to do so.

In any event, our first recipient is Matthew Carrol. Matthew is the goalie for the Whitby Warriors Peewee 2 Provincial “B” Champions.

A savvy veteran of four years in goal (in which he has been a Provincial Champion four times), Matthew played all 5 games this weekend for his team. His athleticism and desire to gain posession of any ball near his net was evident throughout the weekend. Matthew is also prepared to do what it takes to stop the ball from going into his net.

Our first Minor Star; Matthew Carrol. Congratulations to him and all of his team mates on a great finish to their season. Foe being our Minor Star of hte Day, Matthew received one of our new “Max Power” T-Shirts, as well as a free lunch form Sports Garden Cafe.

Our video is below:

Zach Hatton, Minor Star July 7 / 2008

Peterborough Lakers Zach HattonThis week’s Circa Pictures Minor Star of the Week is goaltender Zach Hatton of the Peterborough Tyke 2 Lakers. Zach helped lead the Lakers to the Tyke Championships in the West Durham Rock Tournament on the weekend of June 27-29. Zach was the MVP in game two of the tournament where he played an outstanding game against Whitby 2.

Zach is pictured to the right with a guy that knows a few things about lacrosse; John Grant Sr.

We received these comments about Zach:

Zach is an inspiration to our team and a silent leader. By his stellar goaltending a foundation for a impenetrable defence was created at the West Durham tournament. This is just the beginning of the makings of a great goaltender and we are proud to be associated with such a fine young man. Many thanks to Zac’s parents and coach Scott Mcfadden for helping Zac realize his unbelievable potential.

For being our latest Minor Star of the Week, Zach will receive a Lacrosse – Inside The Game T-Shirt.

Hayden Ramsay, Minor Star Of The Week

This week’s Circa Pictures Minor Star of the Week is Hayden Ramsay of Brampton. Hayden just finished his first lacrosse season, playing field lacrosse with the Novice Excelsiors this year. Hayden’s Coach, Chris Curtis nominated him for this award and had this to say:

I’d like to nominate Hayden Ramsay. Hayden played goalie for our field team (Brampton Excelsiors Novice 1 Field) this year at the Novice 1 level. Hayden had never played lacrosse until this season. Our age group (98′s) in Brampton Field did not have anyone trying out for goalie. My son plays hockey with Hayden – who is a forward, but Hayden always likes to play goalie when playing road hockey. I called his parents before the final tryout, and he enthusiastically came out and made the team.

My assistant coaches and I feel we had a successful season with our team. We were 4 and 2 in regular season, 3 and 0 in Provincial Qualifiers, and 1 and 2 in Provincials. Hayden was a big part of our success, learning the game quickly, and playing well. The most goals scored on him in any one game was 8 in an 8 to 7 loss in the Provincials vs Peterborough. Hayden enjoyed the season immensely, and I do believe we have a new lacrosse recruit. He has even indicated a desire to play box as well, but will have to wait till next season due to prior commitments. 

For winning this weeks Minor Star Award, Hayden will now receive a Lacrosse – Inside The Game T-Shirt.

Congratulations Hayden and best of luck in your lacrosse future.

Drew Bartlett Minor Star of the Week May 9 / 2008

Our “Circa Pictures “Minor Star of the Week is back for 2008 and our first recipient is Drew Bartlett. Drew plays lacrosse in the Whitby Minor Lacrosse House League Major Peewee division. Drew was nominated by his Coach Brad Bain, and had the following to say:

On Friday 2 May 2008, my team (WMLA Major Peewee Team #4) the Knights, played Team #5. We started very sluggishly and into the second period were losing 7 – 0.

Drew never gave up. He played tenacious defence including running down an opposing player who was on a breakaway, thwarting what could have easily been their eighth goal. He also contributed offensively, assisting on our first two goals which helped rally the team in the third period. A period where we scored 5 consecutive goals, to pull within two, only to come up short in a 9 – 5 defeat.

For his never say quit approach to the game and the fine example he displayed to his teammates, Drew Bartlett is most worthy of Minor Star of the Week.

For his efforts Drew will receive an LITG T-Shirt and wristband. Congratulations Drew and best of luck the rest of the season!

We thank Circa Pictures for their continued support of our Minor Star of the Week program.

Kanathonson Horne-David Our Minor Star August 12 / 2007

With the Peewee and Bantam Nationals wrapping up earlier tonight, I had so many different participants to choose from for our Minor Star of the Week award.  So what it came down to was my discretion of who was the most valuable to their team.  That was also tough, but I was able to narrow it down.

So I thought back over the past six days at the games I had seen and who came to mind.  I had my decision.  The fact that Kanathonson Horne-David also just played an unbelievable game moments earlier didn’t hurt his chances either.  You see, the young man did that all week, and I only saw a few of his games.

He is the exciting goalie from Akwesasne who earlier tonight won a Canadian National Bantam Championship with Team Iroquois.  I spoke with him and his (proud) mom after tonight’s game and he was very happy with his teams accomplishment.  Kanathonson told me that he borrowed his brothers goalie equipment when he was back in Novice, because he thought he’d try net to see if he liked it. Not long after he got his own equipment and the rest they say is history.

Kanathonson also plays goal for the Bantam Akwesasne Storm, a team going next weekend to the Ontario Lacrosse Final Six Championships in Guelph, in part I’m sure, due to his abilities in the net.

Our congratulations to Kanathonson Horne-David and all of his Team Iroquois team mates on a job well done, and we wish him the best of luck next weekend in Guelph.

Taylor Milburn Minor Star August 9-10 /07

I watched the Peewee, Bantam, Midget, and Intermediate Girls Provincial finals yesterday afternoon and evening and was completely in awe of the competitiveness and spirit these young ladies bring to the floor.

In one game in particular is where I found our latest Minor Star of the Week.  The Bantam final featured Whitby and Clarington, two zone 6 rivals.  It is where I watched two teams play their hearts out in one of the three Overtime final games.  Taylor Milburn of Whitby just started playing lacrosse last season, and this season she is now a Provincial Champion. Taylor began the season as a good hard working player that always gave her best and helped out her team. But according to some, in the last couple of weeks she became a player that the team “had to have on the floor” as much as possible. In her Double Overtime final she was pretty much playing every other shift, trying to help her team win the game.  And late in the second Overtime period they did win.

Taylor also plays Representative hockey in Whitby for the Whitby Wolves, and enjoys playing golf. Not just an athlete, she works hard in school, and received the Exemplary Award this year in Grade 8 from Jack Miner Public School along with the Geography Award and made the Honor Roll.

Congratulations to Taylor and all of her team mates on a very rewarding and successful season.

Owen Tippett Minor Star Of The Week – Aug 5-7 / 07

Our latest “Minor Star of The week” comes from tonights Ontario Lacrosse Provincial Tyke “A” Championship game. I was able to witness almost the entire game, which was played between Peterborough and Halton Hills. A hard fought battle, their second time on this day, Peterborough pulled out the win 6-5 on a goal with 1:24 left in the 3rd period.

Owen Tippett is described as a “very talented smart player” by opposing coaches, and “an athlete” and a “real unselfish team player” by his own lacrosse Coach Doug Ogilvie. Doug mentioned to me that Owen, who plays very high level hockey (a year higher than his age), almost did not play lacrosse this summer. When he found out that he had been given the lacrosse team, Doug called Owen’s parents and asked if they would reconsider him playing. It was that call and a little message that got Owen out to play.

Doug mentioned to me (as well as Owen’s father back prior to this season) that he had had a dream about Owen scoring the winning goal in Overtime at this years Provincials. While this did not happen today, he did score the winning goal in Overtime at this years Zone Championship Final against Whitby, a previously undefeated team.

Today, Owen also scored twice in the 6-5 win and he and all of his team mates certainly stepped up when it really counted over the past three days, winning six games and losing only two in a very tough Tyke “A” division.

Congratulations to Owen, Doug, and the entire Peterborough Tyke “A” players and staff, on a great ending to their 2007 lacrosse season.

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